Benefits of Windshield Protection to Prevent Chips and Cracks

9H Hardness

When viewed under a miscroscope a glass surface is not smooth. It is full of valleys and ridges which can become points of weakness when exposed to external stress through blunt impact. Standard automotive glass has a hardness of 5H. A steel nail has a hardness of 6.5H. A steel nail can easily scratch a unprotected glass. When Shatter-X Liquid is applied the glass particles in the Shatter-X Liquid coating bond to the windshield and in so doing they fill in these valleys and ridges. This makes your windshield much stronger and able to prevent chips, cracks, scratches and shatters.

ShatterX 9H Hardness
Different than Ceramic

Different than other coatings

Different coatings have different attributes and produce different results / performance. A lot of protective coatings were designed for non automative applications.

Shatter-X Liquid is specifically formulated for automotive windshield glass

The micro view of pores, abrasions and scratches on the windshield surface cause imperfections. Shatter-X Liquid particles fill these surface imperfections causing a smooth surface to bead and repel water, reflect UV and strengthen the windshield.


Windshields are naturally porous which make them hydrophollic. When your windshield is manufactured, the glass ends up with valleys and mountain like structures at a microscopic level. These imperfections are actually what make your glass weaker. Water, dirt, snow, ice and dust can fill the low points which reduces your visibility and strength of the windshield. Shatter-X will make your glass perfectly smooth at a microscopic level which will turn your windshield into a hydrophobic surface repelling anything that comes its way.

Wipe On

Shatter-X Liquid comes packaged with everything you need for a year of protection.

It can be easily installed at home by anyone.